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Importing Contacts

We recommend using our example csv as a framework for uploading contacts to Simple Sam in bulk. Simple Sam supports the import of content via csv spreadsheets that are saved with UTF-8 encoding. If you’re unfamiliar with how to get your spreadsheet into the correct format, please check out our instructions below or download our […]

How do I expedite the process?

As you continue in the fundraising process, you may notice the opportunity to get ahead. Great work! If you’ve completed the current week’s recommended steps and want to get ahead, go to the calendar page to look towards the following week’s goals. You’re welcome to begin working towards completing future weeks, we do recommend moving […]

How does Simple Sam work?

Simple Sam works by compiling your contacts across all of your social mediums into one master database, by creating a custom plan based on your financial needs and timeline, by notifying you and updating you on your progress and by equipping you with effective communication strategies that will yield the best results.